Remo Technology is a camera company dedicated to pushing boundaries of camera industry with new ideas and technologies like AI. Remo Tech owns the brand “Obsbot”, and its first flagship device will be launched in 2019.01. Started in 2016 with its headquarter at Qianhai, Shenzhen, and a research center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Remo Tech has been accumulating core technologies via fundamental research. The young spirits here at Remo are exciting for the possibility of revolutionizing the way we record and create videos, and the way we socialize, with our innovative products powered by cutting-edge technologies.


As CEO and co-founder of Remo Tech, Bo Liu is the pilot as well as first product manager of the company.
Bo has been a tech savvy and a firm believer in that a powerful camera will become an essential part and even central communication station in every household; while visual media especially videos, will eventually act as the major self-expressing tool and socializing medium in our daily lives.
Prior to founding Remo Tech, Liu was a part of the core team in a national science center and led product design and basic technology research. He graduated from Zhejiang University with a MS in Electrical Engineering.


2016.6 Product Definition/Tech Solution Design/Set Up Team.
2016.9 Seed Investment by Clear Bay Foundation led by Professor Ping K. KO and Zexiang Lee.
2017.6 Angel Investment by Artosyn, Tsing Ventures, etc.
2018.9 Pre-A Investment by Brizan Ventures, SmartSens, etc.
2019.1 First Flagship Device launched.