Remo Tech Launches OBSBOT Tail on Indiegogo

March 30, 2019

Remo Technology, creators of artificial-intelligence cameras, announces the launch of OBSBOT Tail, the world’s first AI-powered autonomous director camera, on Indiegogo today.


Remo tech announces OBSBOT Tail, World’s First Auto-Director AI Camera

January 9, 2019

OBSBOT Tail, be your own actor, director and cameraman, all at the same time


CES 2019: Obsbot Tail keeps you in the shot with AI

January 7,2019

This clever little three-axis camera makes it easy for vloggers to get the right shots with an auto director feature that tracks you as you move.


Remo Tech Launches OBSBOT Tail on Kickstarter

January 15, 2019

Remo Technology, the creator of AI video camera, announced the pre-order of OBSBOT Tail, the world’s first Auto- Director AI camera, on Kickstarter.


This Obsbot Tail Is An AI Camera Can Track And Identify Faces Even In A Crowd

January 8,2019

Just launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Obsbot Tail is a camera system on a gimbal with 360-degree range that can track a person and keep them center-frame even as they move around.


OBSBOT Tail Aims to Revolutionize the Way You Film Yourself

January 10,2019

One device that really impressed is the OBSBOT Tail. It’s a camera that will track and record you as you move around without needing a dedicated camera person.


OBSBOT Tail AI camera tracks your unforgettable dances and stunts

January 6,2019

The best smartphone camera for the job is not a smartphone camera. It’s really a job for Remo’s OBSBOT Tail, dubbed the world’s first Auto-Director AI Camera.


Remo’s Obsbot Tail camera uses AI to track subjects

January 6,2019

Shenzhen company Remo Technology is launching an artificially intelligent (AI) shooter that can stand in for a cinematographer: the Obsbot Tail.


OBSBOT:Born for the dance

November 25,2018

OBSBOT,the new innovative tech company sponsored the STARTER-EN DANCE COMPETITION which attracted many dancers.